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Some of the services that Magnolia Roofing provides start with free roof inspections. Before you can start a roof repair, new roof, or even an estimate you must know everything that is going on with your roof and the roofing problems you are having. With powerful storms and hurricanes like Hurricane Katrina a threat every year in our area you need to know that your new roof or roof repair withstands the test of time. Our great city of Covington is in good hands with Magnolia Roofing.

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Magnolia Roofing can help Covington residents with not only residential roofing but commercial roofs as well. At Magnolia Roofing we service shingle roofs, flat roofs with torch down, and metal roofs. Magnolia Roofing only uses the very best materials from top roofing manufacturers like Owens Corning, CertainTeed, and Atlas.

With roofing manufacturer mega-companies like Owens Corning backing Magnolia Roofing not only can you have peace of mind during your roofing or remodel project, we can offer better warranties than your average roofing company.


Two of the roofing industry powerhouses that back Magnolia Roofing are Ownes Corning and Atlas. Along with awards like the Angie’s List Super Service Award assures our roofing clients a great roofing experience.

  • Signature Select with Atlas Corporation
  • Owens Corning Preferred Contractor

Magnolia Roofing is also a member of the Cool Roofs Rating Council showing the love of our planet as well as your home.

The City

The city of Covington is the parish seat of St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana. As of the 2010 census, the population was around 8,800 people. Covington is located at the fork of the Tchefuncte River and the Bogue Falaya. Covington is considered to be part of the New Orleans-Metairie-Kenner Statistical Area.

The earliest known settlement was by Jacques Drieux in 1800 and was a Europen settlement. There are actually two theories on how the city of Covington was named. The first is that Covington is named for General Leonard Covington, an 1812 war hero. A local attorney has a theory that Covington is named in honor of the Blue Grass whiskey made in Covington, Kentucky. The Covington city officials evidentially enjoyed this whiskey.

The real expansion of the city of Covington, of course, came with the introduction of the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. Many people moved to the Northshore that were living and working in New Orleans. Just as many people living in New Orleans and Baton Rouge looking for affordable recreational land in Southwest Mississippi, many people living in New Orleans moved to Covington. Moving to the city of Covington meant cheaper land and the ability to buy larger lots to live on.

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Residents of Covington love getting involved in the community. The Heritage Foundation helps preserve the town’s proud history and culture. Keep Covington Beautiful works to keep the city clean and green, which makes it a great group to join if you love the outdoors. Also, if you want to take part in growing the local economy, the city provides tons of incentives to entrepreneurs, such as low-interest loans and facade grants, making it easier for you to achieve your dreams.

With all these great things going for the city of Covington and a great history to lean on it is no wonder Covington is such a loved city. Magnolia Roofing is proud to be a small part of this community.


Covington Roofing Contractor: Magnolia Roofing’s Home

No matter what type of roof you have shingle, metal or flat Magnolia Roofing is the choice for the people of Covington. Let Magnolia Roofing help you with your next roofing or remodeling project and have true peace of mind that a local roofing company is on your side.


Our Great City of Covington

Common Roofing Questions and Answers:

Do you do roof repairs in Covington?

Yes, Magnolia Roofing has since our beginning done roof repairs in and around the city of Covington along with the surrounding areas and the entire Northshore of Louisiana.

We have a bad roof leak, what is the best underlayment to protect our valleys from another roof leak, ice, and water shield or valley metal?

If the valley is not built correctly it is very easy for this to become a leaky roof. Most roofing companies use valley metal and not only do they use valley metal they use valley metal that is too narrow. The valley metal over time will get moisture on it and as the metal expands and contracts the nails used to secure the metal in the valley will wallow out and rust. The best roofing material to put in your valley is an ice & water shield and is the only product we use at Magnolia Roofing. Using an ice & water shield will assure you of no leaks in your valley.

My skylight is leaking, do I have to buy a new skylight or can you repair the skylight I now have?

Let me start with it depends. The first place to start would be a thorough roof inspection and a hard look at your leaking skylight. In many cases, you can remove the skylight and reflash it and stop many skylight leaks. Without seeing the skylight you have of knowing its age I could only say maybe. If you have an older skylight my first suggestion would be to go ahead while you are working on it and have it replaced. The older skylights used years ago only get worse. I would suggest replacing your leaky skylight with a new Velux no leak Skylight. If you get a solar skylight from Velux in many cases you can even get 30% back by taking a federal tax credit. The Velux skylight comes with a 10-year no leak guarantee. This will solve your problem for good.

I need a new roof, should I go back with a new metal roof?

This is a very hard roofing question to answer without meeting the homeowner and seeing the house in question. There are many things to consider when choosing either a shingle roof or metal roof. The very first thing is the setting of the home. If you live in a neighborhood within the city limits or even a larger subdivision you could have HOA regulations that prevent a metal roof. You will first need to check with your HOA. The next question is just your taste. Many people do not like the look of a metal roof for a home. Next is the style of your home. Many new modern homes have such a cut-up roof and I am talking about the geometry of the roof that it just doesn’t make sense to try and put metal on it. Remember, metal does not bend well and many houses need shingles just to make all the cuts to complete the roof. Another misconception is that the screws used will last as long as the metal panels themselves. This is absolutely not true. Even though you can use the new Zac long life metal screws, you will not get as many years out of your screws as you will the metal roofing panels. So to fully answer your question, it would be a case by case situation whether a metal roof would work for you.

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