Everything to Know About Standing Seam Metal Roofs

By: Heather Coker | May 2021 @ 12:34 pm

Everything to Know About Standing Seam Metal Roofs. Metal has become one of the most preferred materials for roofing for both commercial buildings and residential homes in Abita Springs LA. People are turning towards metal roofing for its numerous benefits, especially the long lifespan and durability. Let’s have a look at the Standing Seam Metal Roofs in detail.


Everything to Know About Standing Seam Metal Roofs



Standing Seam Metal Roofs

A standing seam metal roof comes with raised seams rising above the flat panel section of the roof. This kind of roofs is installed vertically, running from the eaves of your roof to the ridge, and its concealed fasteners often define it. The roof’s overall structure is made with the use of vertical legs, and a wide flat area is present between these legs.

The standing seam metal roofing fasteners are hidden through a lock system, and the panel is attached to the deck of the roof with clips.

Types of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

There are different types of standing seam metal roof present, which people choose for their home’s roofing. The list is present below with brief detail.


This is one of the most famous roofing styles. In this, the roof edges are lined up straight, and a seamer is utilized to bend the panel edges together to lock them into place. It comes in both single and double-lock system, which allows them to be more weather-tight and the double-lock system are more popular than single-lock systems.


Snap-lick standing seam metal roofing is made with a clip system, and it has a lock system on the two sides, which work collectively. However, its working is almost similar to the Mechanical-seamed roofing system, but it does not require a seamer in the installation process, making it quick to be installed.


Nail-Hemmed is a sliding roofing system in which one side is hemmed with the nail strip while the other side can be moved and extended for different purposes. The panels are layered like siding overlapping one another, and the interlock of two panels tend to be shallow, and they can perform the best in high-speed windstorms.

Exposed Fasteners

Exposed Fasteners are such roofs that are fastened from the panel’s metal directly to the framing or decking of roofs. The fasteners are exposed instead of being covered by the seams or layered panels. The panels are overlapped at the edges, making the fasteners go through both the layers of metal panel, leaving the head of the fastener exposed. However, they look good, but the fasteners often get rusted, which is a downside.

Advantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofs

Long Lifespan

Metal roofing has a longer life span, and it last longer even in harsh weather conditions. They also require less maintenance as compared to fiberglass roofs or asphalt shingles. Moreover, they save your money in the long run and are useful in all kinds of weather.

Energy Efficient

These standing roofs excel in reflecting heat and sunlight away from your home to keep it cool in the summer season. In this way, metal roofing can save a lot of money you would have spent on heating and cooling bills throughout the year. It is a good investment, and the low maintenance can save future costs.

Mounting Additions

The design of these metal roofs allows the homeowners to add other functions to their roofs and enhance the functionality. Moreover, people can add solar panels, snow guards and other such items to their roof for their use.

Disadvantages of Standing Seam Metal Roofs#

Higher Installation Cost

They come with a higher installation cost as compared to other roofing systems. Moreover, they are expensive and requires skilled labor, but it’s a one-time cost, and you do not have to maintain them every year.

Difficulty in Cleaning

They are difficult to clean as they are tall, but they can be clean with a normal garden hose. However, it must be dried properly so that no water stays on the roof.

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