Home Improvement Projects: How Long Will It Take

By: Heather Coker | March 2021 @ 12:58 pm

Let Magnolia Roofing answer this tough question, home improvement projects: How long with it take. One of the big mistakes any Madisonville, Mandeville or Slidell, homeowner can make in their home improvement project is to start it without proper planning. Consider it like embarking on a long trip without a map, GPS, or anyone to ask for directions. Without a proper timeline and flawless planning, your project is bound to become a mess at some point in time. And, one of the major consequences is that you’ll end up spending more money than needed.

Home Improvement Projects: How Long Will It Take

Importance of Defining a Timeline in a Home Improvement Project 

Time is money. The more the project stretches in time, the more money it will eventually cost you. Depending on the scale of the project, the manpower, weather conditions, and availability of materials, a home improvement project can last for a few days at a minimum and some may even take a few months.

Before signing the contract with your roofer, it is imperative to discuss the timelines with them along with important milestones. It can help you predict and plan for future developments while reducing stress and saving money.

Here is how much time common tasks take in a typical home improvement project:

Replacing a Roof Takes 2-3 Weeks on Average

A trusted and reliable roofer will first schedule a consultation to thoroughly review your requirements and discuss any special considerations or needs. Next, they will bring some actual roofing samples to check which one the homeowner likes and wants to go ahead with. They will discuss the various financing options too, and try to fit them within the budget of the homeowner. Afterward, the roofer typically schedules the project and decides on a good day to start.

The next important step is to take measurements of your roof, which will enable the roofer to use the right amount of materials. Accurate measurements can help avoid unnecessary waste and cost. Lastly, the installation process begins.

Replacing Siding Takes 3-4 Weeks on Average

Similar to the roof installation project, the initial steps involve in-home consultation from designers and roofing experts. Through this, they decide on the concrete requirements, the materials available, special considerations, and the timeline for the project.

Next, they take precise measurements of the siding and then decide on the schedule depending on weather conditions and material availability. Afterward, the contractor orders the materials and starts the installation process.

Replacing Windows Takes 6-8 Weeks on Average 

Again, the initial process involves consultation. It involves deciding on the materials and their energy efficiencies, warranties, and various styles. Following this, the contractor takes measurements of the opening where the window needs to be placed. Ultimately, they decide on a start date by consulting with the homeowner. Lastly, the installation process begins. Any old windows or materials will be disposed of safely.

Replacing Doors Take Around 1 Day 

This is a less time-consuming process. The contractor schedules an in-home consultation to understand the precise requirements. They will also show you the various style options and explain each one of them.

Once mutually agreed, the contractor decides on a start date for installation. Door replacement does not require much prep on the part of the homeowner. More often than not, the replacement takes less than 5-6 hours.


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